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Multiple, rapid paradigm shifts are converging.

The internet changed everything, but it took 30 years. The near future will see 5-10 shifts just as big, stacked together and converging.

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Companies aren’t built for the coming scope and speed of disruption.

The old corporate guard is crumbling under its own bureaucracy. Even new rising star companies may quickly find themselves obsolete.

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Too much money too soon is wrecking the startup world.

Investors have to make large, high-risk bets. Early exits become unfeasible. Founders get stuck with long-term, high-pressure jobs and little flexibility.

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Most individuals are excluded from wealth creation.

Only a privileged minority have ownership of the businesses that shape our future.

The coming years will be very uncomfortable for many companies and individuals, because they’re not prepared to move at the new speed of change.
Our venture studio model bridges the gap between investors, founders, creatives, and the public to solve more problems better and faster.
Nobody Studios is wired for rapid disruption and built to preside at the forefront of positive change, global impact, and wealth creation.

Ideate radically. Execute relentlessly. Repeat.

We are start-up artisans who curate the best ideas, expedite company creation, and validate for success at an unprecedented pace.

Nobody Studios builds companies from concept to market, with a focus not on funding goals and high valuations, but on profitability and proven business models.

Capital-and-time efficiency

Rapid, frugal, disruptive creation of value

1. We deeply value cultural diversity and inclusion. 2. We enable the best ideas to come to the top, regardless of origin. 3. We spread the wealth we create throughout our collective.

People-first paradigm

Inclusive, collaborative, and generous

We source ideas, talent, funding, and product feedback from the crowd. And we leverage the power of influencers to turn up the volume on our companies at an unmatchable scale and speed. This ensures our “unfair” advantage.

Power of the crowd

People-powered product development from ideation to acceleration

We avoid wasting time overly curating messages and churning out spin. We share our raw data openly and often. We learn fast. When we fail, we report and move forward. This is essential to our speed and our culture of radical honesty.

Transparency to our core

Sharing raw insights, decisions, and results inside and out

A decision that would normally take 5 months and 15 meetings, we’ll achieve in 30 minutes. It might not be perfect, but we build in quantitative thresholds and fast feedback loops to keep us on track, adjusting as we go.

The speed of trust

Less bureaucracy, more impact, much faster

We have extensive experience building teams and offices in countries around the world. We are passionate about taking our companies global early in their development and serving underserved markets. Our studio will have a presence on every continent.

Global perspective

Right market, right product, right time, anywhere in the world

We’re making entrepreneurship and venture investing accessible for all.

Here’s 3 ways to get involved:


Turn your passions and ideas into massive impact in our inclusive community of Nobodies.

Test Your Talent


Leverage your personal influence platform into a profitable, sustainable business.

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Claim your stake in a diverse ecosystem of de-risked, early-stage companies.

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Company Spotlight


Our first newco, Parentipity, launched at a cost that most startups would spend on their first pitch deck.

  • Idea to core team formation: 1 week
  • Site launch: 14 languages, 20 countries, 5 months
  • Cost: $78,000

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Investing in Nobody Studios

Coming Soon: Our first equity crowdfund!

Get a piece of every company we create. Forever.


No one has ever attempted what we’re doing.

  • We infuse the crowd into all aspects of our company creation, from ideation to validation and beyond.
  • We’re the first venture studio to offer equity across our portfolio through crowdfunding.
  • Our global network of influencers, entrepreneurs, and Nobodies lets us turn up the volume on our companies like no one else.