We Design Companies to Improve Lives, and We Build Them to Thrive in a
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At Nobody Studios, we rapidly build companies with purpose, real-world value, and a human connection. We’ll take on the toughest of problems if we see opportunity—anywhere and everywhere in the world.

The Nobody Portfolio

Our first newcos in development provide a small sample of our BIG vision and passion to change the world. 


The Only Community that Pays Parents to Post

The pandemic changed how parents run their homes and lives: suddenly the kids were around 24/7 with a host of new needs and challenges. Parents needed help. 

We created Parentipity to be THE parent creator community—not only for support and connection, but for income! We pay parents for their advice, without any follower requirements! 

The website runs off of the TIPity — our ingenious socially-optimized content tool that seamlessly shares your blogs, videos, coaching, and other creations with the world.


Unlocking Equity Value for Companies and Talent

Talent attraction is becoming a key business battleground, and companies need more compensation options to incentivize top performers. 

Micro-equity has strong appeal, but it’s been difficult for employers to provide. Most employees with stock options don’t know their value or where to get details. Companies offer little transparency, and most information is paper-based. 

Companies with superior equity access will increasingly have an unfair advantage in the market. Those that don’t will struggle to attract the best people. offers a “work-for-stock-options” platform that gives visibility, value estimates, reporting, loan options, and even currency-equity exchange.

Prehab Life

Full-Spectrum Addiction Support

Tens of thousands die every year from drug overdoses, and many more lives are destroyed by addiction.

Yet the rehab industry has a dirty little secret: the average success rate is a shameful 3-5%.  It’s a massive and ongoing failure in an industry that has remained largely unchanged for 50+ years.

Part of the problem is most programs wait until a person is in crisis before they provide help. We believe an ounce of prevention is worth 10 pounds of cure. It’s long past time to disrupt the treatment industry with a program that intervenes before people hit rock-bottom.  

We use data-driven and a team of licensed and caring professionals to meet people where they’re at and give them the preventative support they need.


The Homeowners Advocate

“My HOA is a dream and so easy to work with!” said no one ever. Ever.  

66 million Americans live in a community with a homeowner’s association, yet they have no recourse when challenges come up. It’s like negotiating with the mob.

Homeowners should know their rights and have support from expert advocates and legal professionals. offers a freemium community as well as premium legal services and forms for most HOA problems. 

Dealing with an HOA doesn’t need to be a headache—we’re helping  homeowners get their freedom back.

On Demand Corporate Intelligence

Companies spend a fortune creating entire departments to track competitors, conduct R&D and market research, prospect intelligence, and more.

We’ll offer legal corporate espionage as a service. Our platform uses proprietary technology to harness the power of the internet and public data resources. 

We deliver the needed information AND analysis in a consolidated format to help companies make the best decisions fast to stay ahead of the competition.

Freakish Data™

The Data Bazaar: Sell. Create. Source.

Whoever owns the data wins. 

Information is the most valuable commodity on the planet. The number of data sources is growing exponentially, yet the majority have yet to be monetized. 

Our data marketplace allows the creator community to mash data sources into synthetic data, APIs, and more. We’ll create entirely new categories of “synthetic data” to continually expand revenue potential.   

We’ll help companies and experts monetize their data and give marketplace customers easy access to a universe of information resources for a fraction of the standard cost.


The Virtual Event Talent Marketplace

Ovationz Logo

Virtual events and meetings are boring AF.

COVID-19 forced all interactions online, sending organizations scrambling to figure out how to function in a virtual environment. Most have struggled to adapt and create the same level of engagement as a live meeting, convention, or event. 

Meanwhile, speakers, entertainers, and presenters lost major revenue streams and began looking for ways to diversify their offerings.

Things are never going back to normal. In the post-pandemic world, mastery of virtual connection will still be essential for businesses and leaders. 

We’re building a platform to instantly level-up virtual events with an array of on-demand talent and engagement features, addressing the needs of event producers, presenters, and attendees.

Coming Soon

“Get it done” Divorce: the alternative to Armageddon.

Nearly 50% of US marriages end in divorce. This is one of the most painful experiences many people go through, whether they want it or not. Yet it’s made even more difficult by the financial toll and the stupid-complicated legal system.

We believe people deserve to be better supported through this process so the logistics are as simple and easy as possible. We aim to provide the clear and thorough guidance of a great divorce attorney for a fraction of the cost.

Coming Soon

Your Employee Crisis-Management Parachute

$70 Billion is lost annually from employee mental health crises that are handled incorrectly.

When your employees face personal challenges, what do you do? Most HR departments and managers aren’t trained to handle an employee in crisis. And employees don’t know their rights for benefits like medical leave.

This creates sticky situations, bad feelings, broken relationships, and even litigation that could often be avoided. It adds more stress for the person in crisis. And It’s bad for companies’ culture and reputation. You can’t afford to keep messing up these situations.

Our goal is to save company-employee relationships and ensure both sides have their needs met in difficult times. Companies need to attract and keep great people, and employees deserve support when they’re at their most vulnerable. We’re building that bridge.

Coming Soon

Take the Guesswork out of Social Posting

Online influence is no longer a nice-to-have for companies and leaders; it’s a must. Yet virality can be tough to master.

No matter how many followers you have, a post—or an entire campaign—can fall flat. It’s impossible to ‘know’ if the post you’re building will go viral…until now.

We’re building a viral post-scoring service that uses machine learning to predict your posts’ virality. Our engine is being created by top data scientists and influencer marketing experts. We’ll empower you to make each post count with an easy to use system that offers users an insane ROI.