We Design Companies to Improve Lives, and We Build Them to Thrive in a
Changing World

At Nobody Studios, we rapidly build companies with purpose, real-world value, and a human connection. We’ll take on the toughest of problems if we see opportunity—anywhere and everywhere in the world.

The Nobody Portfolio

Our first newcos in development provide a small sample of our BIG vision and passion to change the world. 

Evalify by Adjacent Possible

AI-powered platform that scores tech startup pitch decks for investors in minutes using intellectual property data

  • Preliminary Freedom-to-Operate (FTO) Analysis: Seamlessly navigate through potential patent infringement risks in 170+ jurisdictions using a groundbreaking scoring system.
  • Rapid Access to Intellectual Property Insights: Harness the power of instant FTO assessments across 180M+ IP documents, outpacing traditional investigation methods.
  • Cost Efficiency Meets Quality: Achieve significant savings while maintaining high-quality results, offering a viable alternative to engaging expensive IP professionals.
  • Minimize Risks, Maximize Confidence: Elevate your peace of mind with meticulous intellectual property checks, designed to mitigate the risk of potentially expensive oversights.
  • Reclaim Your Time for Value Creation: Redirect your focus towards productive endeavors as Evalify swiftly delivers critical insights, transforming hours of research into minutes.


Intelligent No-Code Platform Transforming App Development

ThoughtForma is revolutionizing the approach to app development with its Intelligent No-Code platform, empowering today’s entrepreneurs and business innovators to create without constraints. This platform navigates beyond traditional development challenges, enabling swift, efficient, and versatile digital solution creation.

    • AI-Powered Development: Leverages AI to automate and optimize app design and implementation processes, simplifying the user experience.
  • Multi-Channel Outputs: Seamlessly delivers applications across web and mobile platforms, ensuring a broad reach and consistent user experience.
  • Scalable & Serverless Architecture: Offers scalable solutions while eliminating the complexities of server management, suitable for growing business needs.
  • Provisional Patent for ‘Intelligent No-Code’: Demonstrates ThoughtForma’s innovative edge in the no-code sector.


Psychedelic Education Platform

Webdelics is an educational platform for plant medicine. It was launched for less than the cost of what most startups would spend on their first pitch deck.

  • 9 months from ideation to launch
  • Cost: >$40,000
  • Advisory board of industry thought leaders


The Virtual Event Talent Marketplace

Ovationz Logo

Virtual events and meetings are boring AF.

COVID-19 forced all interactions online, sending organizations scrambling to figure out how to function in a virtual environment. Most have struggled to adapt and create the same level of engagement as a live meeting, convention, or event. 

Meanwhile, speakers, entertainers, and presenters lost major revenue streams and began looking for ways to diversify their offerings.

Things are never going back to normal. In the post-pandemic world, mastery of virtual connection will still be essential for businesses and leaders. 

We’re building a platform to instantly level-up virtual events with an array of on-demand talent and engagement features, addressing the needs of event producers, presenters, and attendees.


The Only Community that Pays Parents to Post

The pandemic changed how parents run their homes and lives: suddenly the kids were around 24/7 with a host of new needs and challenges. Parents needed help. 

We created Parentipity to be THE parent creator community—not only for support and connection, but for income! We pay parents for their advice, without any follower requirements! 

The website runs off of the TIPity — our ingenious socially-optimized content tool that seamlessly shares your blogs, videos, coaching, and other creations with the world.


Unlocking Equity Value for Companies and Talent

Talent attraction is becoming a key business battleground, and companies need more compensation options to incentivize top performers. 

Micro-equity has strong appeal, but it’s been difficult for employers to provide. Most employees with stock options don’t know their value or where to get details. Companies offer little transparency, and most information is paper-based. 

Companies with superior equity access will increasingly have an unfair advantage in the market. Those that don’t will struggle to attract the best people. offers a “work-for-stock-options” platform that gives visibility, value estimates, reporting, loan options, and even currency-equity exchange.

Prehab Life

Full-Spectrum Addiction Support

Tens of thousands die every year from drug overdoses, and many more lives are destroyed by addiction.

Yet the rehab industry has a dirty little secret: the average success rate is a shameful 3-5%.  It’s a massive and ongoing failure in an industry that has remained largely unchanged for 50+ years.

Part of the problem is most programs wait until a person is in crisis before they provide help. We believe an ounce of prevention is worth 10 pounds of cure. It’s long past time to disrupt the treatment industry with a program that intervenes before people hit rock-bottom.  

We use data-driven and a team of licensed and caring professionals to meet people where they’re at and give them the preventative support they need.


The Homeowners Advocate

“My HOA is a dream and so easy to work with!” said no one ever. Ever.  

66 million Americans live in a community with a homeowner’s association, yet they have no recourse when challenges come up. It’s like negotiating with the mob.

Homeowners should know their rights and have support from expert advocates and legal professionals. offers a freemium community as well as premium legal services and forms for most HOA problems. 

Dealing with an HOA doesn’t need to be a headache—we’re helping  homeowners get their freedom back.

On Demand Corporate Intelligence

Companies spend a fortune creating entire departments to track competitors, conduct R&D and market research, prospect intelligence, and more.

We’ll offer legal corporate espionage as a service. Our platform uses proprietary technology to harness the power of the internet and public data resources. 

We deliver the needed information AND analysis in a consolidated format to help companies make the best decisions fast to stay ahead of the competition.

Sleep Glide

A Predictive Sleep Algorithm

Sleep Glide is the collaborative brain child of Nobody Studios and UCLA’s renowned sleep & dreams expert Dr. Gina Poe.

Together, we’re developing an algorithm to improve the health and wellbeing of people from all backgrounds and abilities by providing users with accurate, individualized recommendations for optimizing sleep. 

Our technology is intended to help users harness the greatest healing power of all: A good night’s sleep!


The Collectibles Trading App

The global collectibles market is worth $370 billion, and a great deal of that wealth is untapped. That’s because most of it is hidden away in your grandparents’ basement…

Most of the time, people don’t even know what they’re sitting on: coins, cards, collectibles and more. LootHoundz is an app that empowers users to identify valuable collectibles.