We are Everybody.
We are Nobody.

Nobody Studios exists to light the way forward in a world that’s changing faster than anyone is prepared for.

We’re a crowd-infused company creation machine, bringing together creators, entrepreneurs, and investors to build businesses that shape a more vibrant, human, and equitable future.

Our outrageous mission is to grow 100 compelling companies in 5 years. And that’s only the beginning. Our true goal is to preside at the forefront of positive global impact.

A New Paradigm of Company Creation

To bring our bold vision to life, our studio operates in a way no one’s had the guts to try before. We solve problems creatively, accept risk, and experiment incessantly to drive progress. Our culture is built around testing, learning, and continually evolving in connection with the crowd. This is our engine for creating impactful companies with unprecedented speed and efficiency.

High Velocity Venture Studio

Nobody Studios’ crowd-infused incubation model empowers company creation 40% faster, resulting in massive cultural and social impact.

Our vision is far bigger than any one person. We welcome ideas from anyone, anywhere and we are dedicated to fostering a safe environment for all to thrive and be heard. This is key to our creativity and our power.

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Culture is the Glue that Binds Us Together

We are real people

Genuine, authentic, diverse, inclusive, caring, humble

We are obsessed with crowd value

Long-term-focused, impact-driven, human-centered

We are disruptive thinkers

Paradigm-busting, brave, visionary, bold, practical, idealistic

We are leaders

Experienced, effective, influential, professional, powerful

Our culture is led by Core Pillars that guide our work and drive our decisions every day.

Nobody Studios builds companies from concept to market, with a focus not on funding goals and high valuations, but on profitability and proven business models.

Capital-and-time efficiency

Rapid, frugal, disruptive creation of value

1. We deeply value cultural diversity and inclusion. 2. We enable the best ideas to come to the top, regardless of origin. 3. We spread the wealth we create throughout our collective.

People-first paradigm

Inclusive, collaborative, and generous

We source ideas, talent, funding, and product feedback from the crowd. And we leverage the power of influencers to turn up the volume on our companies at an unmatchable scale and speed. This ensures our “unfair” advantage.

Power of the crowd

People-powered product development from ideation to acceleration

We avoid wasting time overly curating messages and churning out spin. We share our raw data openly and often. We learn fast. When we fail, we report and move forward. This is essential to our speed and our culture of radical honesty.

Transparency to our core

Sharing raw insights, decisions, and results inside and out

A decision that would normally take 5 months and 15 meetings, we’ll achieve in 30 minutes. It might not be perfect, but we build in quantitative thresholds and fast feedback loops to keep us on track, adjusting as we go.

The speed of trust

Less bureaucracy, more impact, much faster

We have extensive experience building teams and offices in countries around the world. We are passionate about taking our companies global early in their development and serving underserved markets. Our studio will have a presence on every continent.

Global perspective

Right market, right product, right time, anywhere in the world

Who are the Nobodies?

We’re a diverse and collaborative community of idealists, supported by the knowledge, experience, and systems to bring the best ideas to life as compelling businesses that benefit all.