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We’re serious about creating a safe, inclusive culture that offers real opportunity for meaningful contribution. Talent, influence, and capital are our rocket fuel to grow our studio and our companies.

What will you bring to the table?


Bringing your passions, experience, and talent to the table is key to us making an impact.

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If you can help us turn up the volume (a little or a lot) on any of our companies, we welcome it.

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Whether you’re investing on a small level, or you’re going to help take us public, it all propels our journey.

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What it Means to be a Nobody

The Nobodies are a diverse team of entrepreneurs and investors working together to solve humanity’s problems at scale.

We play hard to achieve our goals and find long-term solutions that influence the world.
We take pride in the outcomes we deliver.
We are confident, yet humble and grateful.
We encourage non-conformity and innovation.

Collective ownership

All stakeholders and contributors get a meaningful financial upside. If you’re part of one of our companies, you’re part of all of them. We believe this provides a breath of fresh air for people who have been locked out of this kind of financial opportunity, unlocking their passion and ingenuity.

Humility and curiosity

Our culture is not about competing or defending your ideas to the death. It’s about sharing, testing, learning, and getting better, so we can find out what works and what doesn’t. We won’t let emotion keep a company alive when the data says otherwise. That’s how we all succeed.


People may join one of our companies in a certain role and eventually gravitate to another position or team. And if a particular company doesn’t work out, we accept it and make it okay for our talent. We’re testing ideas, not individuals. Our goal is to place people where they will thrive and support them in growing.


Our ethos favors cross-collaboration and aligned incentives. We help one another and each team in the studio. Because when one company wins, everyone wins.