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To bring our bold vision to life, our studio operates in a way no one’s had the guts to try before. We solve problems creatively, accept risk, and experiment incessantly to drive progress. Our culture is built around testing, learning, and continually evolving in connection with the crowd. This is our engine for creating impactful companies with unprecedented speed and efficiency.

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We’re making entrepreneurship and venture investing accessible for all.

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Company Spotlight


AI-powered platform that analyzes global patents to uncover legal risks for investors in minutes

  • Groundbreaking Preliminary Freedom-to-Operate Score: Discover where an early-stage startup idea stands by assessing potential patent infringement risks across over 170 jurisdictions worldwide.
  • Patent-derived Instant Insights: Get preliminary patent clearance and automated FTO assessments through almost 200M patent documents faster than any other traditional method.
  • Stealth Startup-Friendly and Cost-effective: We analyze pitch decks without storing or allowing any human access; save on costs without compromising on quality compared to hiring IP professionals.

Company Spotlight


Webdelics is an educational platform for plant medicine. It was launched for less than the cost of what most startups would spend on their first pitch deck. 

  • 9 months from ideation to launch
  • Invested less than $40,000
  • Advisory board of industry thought leaders

Company Spotlight


The intelligent no-code platform that brings your ideas to life as digital applications in moments.

  • Web and Native Mobile outputs
  • Uses AI to build, launch and optimize apps
  • Ovationz built on ThoughtForma

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