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Community Manager / Writer -


The pandemic changed how parents ran their homes and lives. They needed to do everything and needed a community that could help. We created Parentipity to be THE parent creator community for parents that pays them for their tips and advice without any follower requirements!  The website runs off of the TIPity — our ingenious socially-optimized content tool that seamlessly shares your work with the world. is launching in over ten languages and we are looking for regional, country and topic managers to direct and moderate conversations on our forums while uplifting parents’ voices and inspiring creativity.

Parentipity Community and Manager

This position will oversee and manage the regional, country and topic specific managers, contribute blog and creator content to the website, and drive engagement on Parentipity social media channels. 

Full Job Description – Part Time to Full Time

  • Oversee up to 30 Parentipity topic managers
  • Promote conversation on by posting each day and replying to conversation starters.
  • Invite other parents in their network to join Parentipity, create an account, and post on Parentipity.
  • Drive traffic to by sharing and replying on social media each day. 
  • Craft and deploy twice-weekly blog content for the site. Titles to be provided by CMO.
  • Review applications for manager roles and make recommendations regarding qualified applicants
  • Review daily website metrics to determine tops and posts trending on
  • As this role grows it will oversee the review and approval of the TIPities that are submitted to
  • 3-5 hours per day
  • Location:  Orange County, CA – remote

The Perfect Person for This Role 

  • A mom blogger, located in Orange County, CA preferably
  • Excellent writing and grammar skills
  • Minimum two years of experience writing blogs and/or posting as a social media influencer
  • Understanding of web-site analytics

Please submit your portfolio or examples of your past work, along with your resume and cover letter to

References should be made available upon request.