Job Description: Ovationz, Marketing Lead


Ovationz, Marketing Lead

Ovationz Inc

a Nobody Studios company



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Role Summary 

Ovationz is an online talent booking marketplace, connecting speakers, experts and people who want to book talent.   

This position will be responsible for creating and overseeing the execution the marketing strategy for Ovationz. Collaborate with the Nobody Studios Marketing team on strategy and implementation and partnering with our Product Lead in executing the product vision and with our Chief Commercial Officer in executing the partnership, sales and business development strategies.  

The expectations of your responsibilities and vision of success to ensure the consistent growth of user engagement and content creation on are detailed below:



  • Develop, lead and execute all aspects of Ovationz growth marketing initiatives, including content/social media/digital marketing strategy, brand validation, persona development, sponsorships, partnerships and ad-sales.
  • Develop an overreaching and scalable innovative social media strategy, digital marketing campaigns, advertising, and partner sponsorships to drive rapid awareness of Ovationz, increase new talent and planner profile account set ups, and ultimately monetize the site through bookings
  • Collaborate with Nobody Studios to identify where marketing support needs can be completed by the corporate bench or where additional dedicated support is needed.
  • Collaborate with the Nobody Studios Marketing team on strategy and implementation
  • Partner with the Chief Commercial Officer to support execution of the partnership, sales and business development strategies.  
  • Develop and manage a sponsorship and ad sales strategy
  • Manage the marketing budget(s) and ROI-related KPIs.
  • Develop & own the e-commerce conversion / funnel completion KPIs
  • Collaborate closely with Nobody Studios executives to achieve the overall vision and goals. 
  • Interface regularly with other executive leadership team members, provide frequent input regarding changes in the marketplace’s emerging customer needs, and regularly contribute to strategy discussions related to products, innovation, and new business.
  • Collaborate with Nobody Studios to implement a data-centric approach to gather customer/user insights and improve engagement, and bookings based on such insights.


What Success Looks Like

To be successful in this role, you must have extensive experience in digital and social media marketing, e-commerce analytics and conversion, planning, strategy and execution.

Grow Ovationz into the premier talent booking platform where planners are regularly booking talent in short format to inspire and engage their audiences.


Key Requirements

  • Experienced in digital marketing, generating awareness and demand through the entire marketing mix across all media. 
  • Proven track record in creating successful digital marketing campaigns that have led to successful traction and e-commerce conversion / increasing monthly recurring revenue.
  • B2C and B2B Social Media Marketing skills (technically proficient) 
  • Hands-on experience with Google Analytics and/or other digital product analytics tools
  • A proven record of success with limited resources, people, money, time. This success would ideally be with a younger, more progressive brand that is disruptive in its market, with a cutting-edge marketing approach.
  • Innovative and creative thinking balanced with pragmatism (fresh, imaginative thinking)
  • Complex problem-solving, especially hands-on ability (create options, then converge)
  • Organized and attention-to-detail approach (solid tactical execution)
  • Collaborative (works with peers across many functionalities within the company)
  • Technology savvy- ability to use leading-edge technology effectively manage and communicate business performance.
  • Entrepreneurial experience – experience with start-ups or early-stage ventures and a proven track record of scaling a company is highly desired.  


You’ll Be Perfect For This Role If….

  • If you enjoy creating new content that pushes the boundaries of social norms allowing a new era of consciousness by providing consumers access to our information
  • You are curious and a lifelong learner.
  • You want to work remotely; you are comfortable with asynchronous communication and collaboration with people worldwide.
  • You are a social media strategist with the spirit of an entrepreneur.
  • You want to be part of a community of highly motivated, passionate and talented individuals.
  • You value excellence, not perfection. Can apply critical thinking and creative doing—that means both, not one or the other.
  • You’re fascinated by human behavior, what makes people tick, and understanding the “why” of people and what they do.


This Is Not For You If…. 

  • You do not possess an entrepreneurial spirit and don’t like taking risks.
  • You need a lot of guidance, hand-holding and detailed specifications before starting. We expect you’ll identify what needs to be done and get to it. 
  • You want the answer given to you. Tend to ask for “more information” instead of seeking it out yourself.
  • Moving faster than you ever have before with high uncertainty is not your jam.
  • You believe in doing what you’ve always done based on your fixed processes and aren’t willing to recalculate on the fly to find a way forward.
  • You have absolutely no idea how to build or manage a budget.


If you are interested in being considered for this position, please email and include:

  • your resume/CV
  • links to your LinkedIn, website or portfolio
  • a short video telling us how your “why” resonates with Nobody Studios. Take the opportunity to tell us what you will bring to the Studio that will contribute to our audacious goal to build 100 compelling companies in 5 years.