Job Description: Social Media Content Guru


Social Media Content Guru


About Nobody Studios

Nobody Studios is a rebel venture studio building 100 compelling companies in 5 years. 

We believe the venture vehicle has the capacity to create a massive, positive impact in the world – which is why we’re building businesses faster and more efficiently than ever before.

So how do we manage? We do three things differently:

  1. All business ideas are vetted through a process called Frugressive (frugal & aggressive), in which our companies are launched for under $250,000.
  2. Because the Studio owns ~70% of each company, we have the superpowers to kill, pause, merge, or split companies – meaning we don’t waste funds on ideas that aren’t working. 
  3. We are Crowd Infused™, a high-velocity company creation machine that brings together creators, entrepreneurs, and investors to build businesses that shape a more vibrant, human, and equitable future.

And as far as we know, we are the first venture studio to raise capital through equity crowdfunding because we believe in the power of people.

We’re inclusive, collaborative, and focused on collective benefit throughout our community of Nobodies and in every market our companies touch.

Become part of our Crowd of Nobodies and let’s change the world together!



This full-time position will work on-site (San Clementa, CA) an average of three days per week. It will work directly with Mark McNally, Founder and Chief Nobody, to learn his voice, tone, and personality to capture and create content for social media posts, video blogs, newsletters, etc. This position will also handle engagement and follow-up on his social media platforms.  The key to this role is relationship building.

The expectations of your responsibilities and vision of success to ensure the consistent growth of user engagement and content creation are detailed below:


Social Media 

  • Collaborate with Chief Nobody to create social media content for his personal social media profiles
  • Capture verbal and video content worthy of repurposing as social media content, newsletter snippets, etc.
  • Create and deploy content and posts on the personal social media accounts for the Chief Nobody
  • Manage engagement and responses on Mark’s social media accounts and ensure personal follow-up is made by Mark when necessary.
  • Create tracking and performance reports to measure the week-over-week and month-over-month performance for all social media platform KPIs


General Responsibilities 

  • Collaborate with internal and external social media and marketing partners as needed to feed and grow the Nobody Studios’ Social Media Content Machine


What Success Looks Like  

To be successful in this role, you must have extensive experience in social media messaging and content creation.  Video editing skills are a huge plus! 

You will show up with energy, creativity, initiative, focus and resilience.  

You build a strong relationship with the Chief Nobody and other executives, resulting in exponential and measurable growth of our social media presence.


Key Requirements 

  • Comfortable driving distance to the office located in San Clemente, CA
  • Personable and intellectually mature: you know how to make relationships work and take the higher road…always 
  • Resilient: you have life experience behind you. You’re intellectually mature.. You don’t take things personally. You’re capable of seeing the forest through the trees.
  • Trustworthy: This will have access to personal social media accounts and take on the voice of the Chief Nobody and the studio.
  • Excellent comprehension, interpretation and processing skills.
  • Experienced and passionate in social media and content marketing
  • Experienced and passionate about personal brand growth
  • Organized and attention-to-detail approach with strong tactical execution


You’ll Be Perfect For This Role If

  • If you enjoy creating new content that pushes the boundaries of social norms allowing a new era of consciousness by providing consumers access to our information
  • You dream about creating content and what can be done with it
  • You are a social media strategist with the spirit of an entrepreneur.
  • You want to be part of a community of highly motivated, passionate and talented individuals.
  • You value excellence, not perfection. 
  • You can apply critical thinking and creative doing—that means both, not one or the other.
  • You are curious and a lifelong learner.
  • You’re fascinated by human behavior, what makes people tick, and understanding the “why” of people and what they do.
  • Interruptions and changes in direction are acceptable to you. You’re capable of working on six different things at once and see yourself as a problem solver.
  • You have a learn and grow attitude.  


This Role Is Not For You If

  • You make things about yourself, you perseverate and focus on yourself, and are not capable of focusing on the larger goal and the task at hand
  • You can not turn out content quickly regarding topics currently being researched. 
  • You need to be coddled. You need a lot of guidance, hand-holding and detailed specifications before starting. Yes, you’ll have assignments, tasks and deliverables, yet they won’t be written out for you—we expect you’ll identify what needs to be done and get to it. 
  • You want the answer given to you. Tend to ask for “more information” instead of seeking it out yourself.
  • Juggling multiple initiatives and moving faster than you ever have before, with a high degree of uncertainty, is not your jam.
  • You believe in doing what you’ve always done based on your fixed processes, and you aren’t willing to recalculate on the fly to find a way forward.


If you are interested in being considered for this position, please email (put the job title in the subject line) with your resume and a short video telling us “how your why” resonates with Nobody Studios.