Unlocking Equity Value for Companies and Talent

It is difficult for employers to provide micro-equity for merit-based employees or freelancers.  When stock options are given, most employees don’t know their value or where this information can be obtained.  Companies offer little transparency, and most information is paper-based. enables a “work-for-stock-options” platform that provides visibility, value estimates, reporting, and loan options for the recipient. Our tools allow companies to turn their equity into currency for employees and vendors.

Freakish Data

The Data Bazaar. Sell. Create. Source.

The majority of data sources have yet to be monetized and will grow exponentially with new synthetic data. is a marketplace to enable the publishing of data sources for the purpose of monetization. It is a platform that allows the creator community to mash data sources into synthetic data, APIs, and beyond.

Coming Soon – ZoomJock

The Virtual Event Talent Marketplace

COVID-19  switched all interactions to virtual by necessity. Companies have struggled to adapt and create the same level of engagement, as a live meeting, convention, or event. Even large multinationals are running terrible and boring meetings. ZoomJock changes this with a marketplace for on-demand talent that can be booked for leading virtual meetings, motivational speaking, MC-ing, keynote, conferences etc. We instantly level up all virtual events.

Coming Soon – Unhookd

“Get it done” Divorce, the alternative to Armageddon.

Up to 50% of marriages end in divorce. Divorces are difficult, and take emotional and financial tolls on everyone involved.  If faced with this circumstance, make it as easy and painless as possible with a service/fee-based app that guides you through the process, the way that a good divorce lawyer would, for a fraction of the cost. 

Coming Soon – WellBridge

Your Employee Crisis Management Parachute

HR departments and managers are not trained on how to handle an employee in crisis, employees don’t know their rights when it comes to things like medical leave. We parachute in for 30 days, we represent both sides’ interests and if there is a path for re-integration, we handle the communications, legal, through an online program that provides mediation for both sides.


The only Community that Pays Parents to Post

The pandemic changed how parents ran their homes and lives. They needed to do everything and needed a community that could help. We created Parentipity to be THE parent creator community for parents that pays them for their tips and advice without any follower requirements!  The website runs off of the TIPity — our ingenious socially-optimized content tool that seamlessly shares your work with the world.

The Homeowners Advocate

Does anyone like their HOA?  Has anyone ever said, “My HOA is a dream and so easy to work with!”?  We didn’t think so. Know your legal rights and gain support from advocacy groups and legal professionals. is the freemium community offering premium legal services/forms for most HOA problems on a subscription-based or à la carte platform.

On Demand Corporate Intelligence

Legal corporate espionage as a service.  Imagine a platform that harnesses the power of the internet and public data/research resources, and delivers that information in a consolidated format.  Consider how this could affect your competitive research. Ponder the cost savings of having access to this information for as little as $99 for an individual report, or an alert-based subscription model.  An affordable way to save time and keep ahead of the competition.

Prehab Life

Take Your Life Back

On average, rehabilitation treatment centers have a 3-5% success rate.  This translates to a 95-97% failure rate in an industry that has remained largely unchanged for 50+ years. It’s time to change the statistics and disrupt the treatment industry with a program targeting crisis before it hits…before you hit rock-bottom.  Our self-reported application uses data-driven analytics to identify potential crisis areas to facilitate solutions. eCommerce within the app provides on-demand prescriptions and referrals for treatment that are vetted by our team of licensed and caring professionals 

Coming Soon – vAIral

Taking the Guesswork out of Social Posts

Sometimes it doesn’t matter how many followers you have, a post can fall flat and disappoint sponsors and advertisers. It is impossible to ‘know’ if the post you’re building will go viral. The solution: a viral post scoring service that uses machine learning to predict your posts’s virality. vAIral was created by top data scientists and industry experts around influencer marketing. We know how important it is for each post to land, and for it to be easy to use on the go.

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