The Making of a Nobody Part 45 | The Remaking of your Body

The Making of a Nobody Part 45 | The Remaking of your Body
June 30, 2021 Mark S. McNally

It’s no secret 2020 was a doozy… And yet for me, it was my most powerful.

I created Nobody Studios, which I know will be the legacy of my career if we keep doing it right. We’re going to build many companies, solve some lofty problems. We’ve attracted a great team and the pace is thrilling.

And yet, mixed in there… working at the highest pace of my career… hours upon hours of sitting on zoom calls. I’ve been averaging 11 per day. Life has been way more sedentary. Our bodies weren’t built for this.

I have had the epiphany that I need to change the physical to support and be aligned with the intent of my conscious focus every day to operate at a higher level.

I embark today on the long-elusive health resolution. I’m going to radically change: diet, sleep, calendar, physical activity and focus on the mind-body, and spirit. I’ve asked our wellness team led by Dr. Erik Reis DC, DACNB to track everything, I’ve got labs done, devices monitoring… this should be interesting.

I suspect diet, exercise, sleep, spirituality will be the profound takeaways. but I’ll still share what I learn along the way. But first, I’m excited to feel and bring my best every day to this journey of life.


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