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The coming years will be very uncomfortable for those who are not prepared to move at the new speed of change.

Our venture studio model bridges the gap between investors, founders, creatives, and the public to solve more problems better and faster.

Nobody Studios is wired for rapid disruption and built to preside at the forefront of positive change, global impact, and wealth creation.

Investing in Nobody Studios

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Making venture building, investing and wealth creation available to all is a huge part of our purpose at Nobody Studios.

Investors, founders and builders in Nobody Studios don’t just own a piece of the company they work on. As shareholders, they financially benefit from everything in our portfolio.

Become a Nobody and get a piece of every company we create. Forever!

We’re making entrepreneurship and venture investing accessible for all.

Here’s 3 ways to get involved:


Turn your passions and ideas into massive impact in our inclusive community of Nobodies.

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Leverage your personal influence platform into a profitable, sustainable business.

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Claim your stake in a diverse ecosystem of de-risked, early-stage companies.

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Company Spotlight


Webdelics is an educational platform for plant medicine. It was launched for less than the cost of what most startups would spend on their first pitch deck. 

  • 9 months from ideation to launch
  • Cost: >$40,000
  • Advisory board of industry thought leaders

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