I have posted previously…. about the power of limiting beliefs to literally take over your life…. to define what you do or don’t do.. until you challenge it.

I have actually preached this for years… and no small limiting belief ever got me… until I realized the limiting belief that gave birth to Nobody Studios. The largest of them all.

I have always been a closet visionary. I have made myself sick by how many times I was right about how things “would play out” in an industry… but didn’t have a bet on those many outcomes.

My largest limiting belief I told myself? It’s OK Mark. “When you have unlimited resources, we’ll make multiple bets”

I was fortunate enough to deconstruct this… and rebuild it into: When I make multiple bets… I will have unlimited resources.

Voila: Nobody Studios. A Venture Studio dedicated to parallel entrepreneurism, aggressive and frugal.