Nobody Studios, a high-velocity venture studio, seeks to make the world of venture investing accessible to all

Nobody Studios, a high-velocity venture studio, seeks to make the world of venture investing accessible to all
September 13, 2021 Nobody Studios

Laguna Beach, CA (August 30, 2021) – Nobody Studios, a globally distributed high-velocity venture studio at the forefront of innovation and impact, is engaging the crowd to revolutionize the way companies and products are built and funded. Combining company creation with venture funding, Nobody Studios is marking its launch with a bold commitment to create 100 companies in the next five years – and, soon, offering equity across its entire portfolio through the studio’s first crowdfunding campaign.

Nobody Studios brings together investors, founders, and creatives to forge companies with purpose, real-world value, and a human connection. Its model prioritizes time- and capital-efficiency to streamline company building, product development, and wealth creation. 

Nobody Studios is taking the venture studio model one step further with a “crowd-infused” approach – encouraging the masses to get involved and contribute to ideation and validation with real-time feedback, then turning up the noise of the innovation they help inspire. This crowd-centered incubation also significantly speeds the company creation process, resulting in massive cultural and social impact. Aspiring entrepreneurs seeking a vehicle to bring their ideas to life now also have an opportunity to be heard.  

“We know bold ideas don’t just come from the top,” said Mark S. McNally, Nobody Studios’ Founder and Chief Nobody. “The culture and economics of business creation are in desperate need of an overhaul. No longer will it only be a privileged minority invited to the table. Anyone can bring their talent, influence, or capital to help us create world-changing companies. Have a great idea? Join us and get involved as we shape business ventures and products. Nobody Studios is bringing to life a more diverse and inclusive venture creation ecosystem.” 

Venture studios address a critical gap in the startup world by de-risking investments in new companies. At Nobody Studios, pre-seed stage business ideas are proved out before significant venture investment.

“Our goal is to minimize the time, speed, and capital involved in identifying repeatable, scalable business models,” explained Barry O’Reilly, Chief Incubation Officer at Nobody Studios. “As an example, our first ‘newco’ to prove out the concept of Nobody Studios is Parentipity, the only platform that allows parents to get compensated for their ‘tips.’ We achieved the initial product launch in five months, in 14 languages and 20 countries, for a total of just $78,000.” 

Nobody Studios is also offering investors and talent automatic diversification through the upside of the studio’s entire portfolio. Their extensive experience building teams and offices in countries around the world means taking companies global early in development is a priority.

The studio is already attracting high caliber talent; Ray Leonard Jr. recently joined as CEO of a ‘newco’ designed to instantly level-up virtual events with a platform to engage speakers, entertainers, and presenters on-demand.

“People matter most and come first in our company,” Chief Culture Officer Sejal Thakkar shared. “We value openness, transparency, and a ‘permission to speak freely’ environment. Diversity is one of our superpowers and has been a part of our DNA from the beginning. We’re deeply committed to advancing civility, belonging, and equity in all aspects of our studio. A psychologically safe culture is the glue that will bind our team together to accomplish our vision.”

Nobody Studios is located at 1968 South Coast Highway in Laguna Beach, CA and can be reached at or by visiting Follow them on Facebook (@SaysNobodyStudios), Instagram (@nobodystudios), LinkedIn (@says-nobody-studios), and Twitter (@nobodystudios1) for the latest news and updates.


About Nobody Studios

Nobody Studios is a high-velocity venture studio bridging the gap between investors, founders, and creatives to build companies that solve everyday problems better and faster. It’s time-and-capital-efficient model streamlines and democratizes company building, product development, and wealth creation. Nobody Studios aims to create 100 compelling companies in the next five years – guiding them from ideation through MVP to full-scale company. The venture studio embraces a people-first culture and a unique, crowd-infused methodology to offer ownership in de-risked, early-stage companies to the masses. For more information, visit


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