Meet Nobody’s new Chief Marketing Officer: Kyle Kane

Meet Nobody’s new Chief Marketing Officer: Kyle Kane
August 4, 2022 Nobody Studios
Kyle Kane

We are delighted to welcome Kyle Kane to the Nobody Studios team!

We could not be more proud to have Kyle as our Chief Marketing Officer. Kyle is an accomplished content creator, producer, TEDx speaker, and award-winning entrepreneur. He’s been featured in top publications for his work as CEO of 180 South Group, crafting successful marketing campaigns for some of the world’s biggest artists and brands (Katy Perry, Kylie Jenner, Samsung, Montblanc, etc.). 

In Kyle’s eyes, Nobody Studios is a team of rockstar entrepreneurs who check their egos at the door to shred the traditional VC model and solve the world’s problems one company at a time. I joined Nobody Studios because after building 60+ brands and driving $1b+ in sales and market value for clients across a wide array of verticals, the only thing I was driving myself was “crazy”. I struggled to find any one project that could benefit from the entirety of my unique skill set, which ranges from company creation and IP valuation to digital marketing, content production, and beyond. I finally found a true home in Nobody Studios.” 

Highlights from Kyle’s First 90 Days:

  • Aggregating the first 100 influencers to support the studio
  • Securing a top PR firm to invest in our success
  • Creating innovative content marketing funnels for new retail investors 
  • Revamping the look and feel of our digital footprint 
  • Introducing new systems and technologies for tracking marketing efficacy 
  • Meeting with the Nobody and Newco team members to understand their marketing needs
  • Interviewing new Nobodies to scale our efforts 
  • Revising the financial model for the marketing department 
  • Establishing new streams of revenue via data monetization 
  • Inviting exciting talent, influencers, and investors from my network to join our mission 



  1. Julia Palmieri 2 years ago

    INCREDIBLE! How do you get someone like this into a start-up????!

    • Nobody Studios 2 years ago

      Julia, we, too, are in awe of the talent we attract and are grateful for the caliber of our team! Nobody Studios is dedicated to attracting people from all over the globe with diverse backgrounds, perspectives, and experiences. That’s part of what makes us “irrationally global.” Kyle joining our team is another great example of the amazing people aligned with our goals and attracted to our journey. We are humbled to have him as our Chief Marketing Officer!

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