The UAE Have Their Timing Just Right

The UAE Have Their Timing Just Right
March 10, 2022 Nobody Studios

We all know it. Timing is everything. You could have all the tools, the right education, the perfect setup. But, if the world around you isn’t ready for what you have to offer (or, alternatively, no longer has a need for it) you will often find yourself stranded in no man’s land, incapable of moving forward. As a key truth for us personally and also wider in the corporate world, the criticality of timing seems no less valid on a national and geopolitical plane. Here we are in 2022 and the United Arab Emirates (UAE) has entered a golden age created by a perfect combination of visionary leadership and international developments, all accelerated by a heavy dose of force majeur in the shape of a global pandemic. 

When we throw in the “pillar of innovation” clearly stated in the National Agenda, you can understand why we, at Nobody Studios, see great alignment with our own thinking.


A Sublime Combination of Modern and Traditional Values

Founded as recently as 1971, the UAE is a delightfully young country. You feel the freshness of youth pour forth from the streets of Dubai and the capital Abu Dhabi, and yet that bright-eyed exuberance is so elegantly wrapped in deep and beautiful Islamic culture and customs. 

I’ll admit that it took me a couple of visits to Dubai to see through all the bling and fall in love with the city for its diverse people and culture. I see the city of glam in the middle of the desert as a symbol of true tolerance, inclusion, and diversity. Down the coast from its younger, more glitzy relative, Abu Dhabi is the doting father of the country where the powerful wheels of investment remain focused on a collaborative and strong future for the whole country.

So, what has placed the UAE as such a focal point for the whole world? 


Servant Leadership on a National Scale

The principal reason lies with the leadership. The UAE is a federation of absolute monarchies. The Royal Families of the seven Emirates combine in a Federal rule of the country in what can be seen as a “tribal autocracy”. Senior officials are not elected but rule through birthright. 

In much of the democratic-based western world, many would consider this a limiting form of government when it comes to furthering the interests of the people. However, nothing could be further from the truth. I cannot think of a better example of public service anywhere in the world, where the leaders actually consider the best path forward for its citizens and residents. And those living in the UAE certainly feel it with an extremely high level of support, respect, and loyalty for the institutions and officials that govern everyday life. 


Covid, an Unlikely Accelerator

I am now of the opinion that at a time of crisis (such as with Covid), the last thing you want is a democracy in the age of social media. It’s the perfect storm. Any decision that hapless democratic leaders around the world have tried to take has been met with fierce and vociferous pushback through the infectious channels of viral media. Everyone has a different opinion and a huge digital megaphone through which to voice it. For leaders trying to keep the vote, it’s impossible.

The UAE, on the other hand, has managed to both execute a very controlled set of protocols (which were respected and followed because, well… that’s the way it is in the Emirates), and also fully leveraged the circumstances to the maximum. The country was one of the few places in the world through 2021 to open up so fully to business and tourist travelers. They knew that the people everywhere were thirsty for in-person interaction and they ramped up. Boy did they ramp up! The conference circuit in Dubai is at an all-time high and that means more people landing at the airports, bringing in money, building businesses… It’s all happening and it is all very positive.


Dubai Expo – All Roads Lead to The UAE

If we are looking for a symbol for what the UAE represents today, we need to look no further than the incredibly impressive Expo in Dubai. Sometimes things happen for a reason… sometimes it’s coincidence or just luck. But when Dubai won the bid to host Expo2020 seven years prior, nobody could have imagined just how fitting it would be to have pavilions representing 191 countries around the world come together in the city of glam in the middle of the desert. Walking around Expo2020, you feel the values of diversity, tolerance, and freedom surround and embrace you. It’s a true delight. And one also senses that the platform is ripened for innovation and technology to be attracted to the UAE from all corners of the globe, driving positive change and sustainability for the coming decades. 

This is indeed what the Emirati leadership is very focused on as they continue to push incentives to bring top talent, technology, and entrepreneurs to set up shop in what is fast becoming the center of the middle east and the major gateway between East and West. For Nobody Studios? It’s a no-brainer. Strong execution and technological nous are perfect counterparts for the Emirati wisdom and vision, and we are so excited for what lies ahead for us in the region. 

This is the UAE’s time. Nobody Studios are going to be a part of it. Are you coming?




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