ThoughtForma and Nobody Studios – A Match Made in Heaven

ThoughtForma and Nobody Studios – A Match Made in Heaven
May 11, 2022 Nobody Studios

Written by Gareth Edge, Co-Founder and CEO at ThoughtForma


ThoughtForma is a London-based startup on a mission to make technology accessible to everyone. The vision is to live in a world where everyone can realize their purposeful ideas. 

The company was inspired by Al Gore’s rousing call to arms at Web Summit in 2017 to help combat Global Warming with technology. “At that moment we realized that we held a key to make transformational technologies available to regular nobodies, and have been working ever since on building a platform that will break down the barriers and help people explore, develop and launch their ideas as digital applications in moments”, says Gareth Edge, ThoughtForma CEO.

ThoughtForma is an intuitive, fun, and powerful platform that places technology in the hands of everyone – no coding, or technical skill required. It allows anyone to build robust, scalable, and secure applications that used to take months and put them live in the world in minutes.

The majority of no-code platforms make great interfaces but still leave a lot to be done on the backend, requiring significant technical knowledge. ThoughtForma is built differently. It is the only 100% Serverless no-code application platform in the market. This means that all of the back-end infrastructure headaches are removed allowing you to focus purely on business logic, customer experience, and design.

ThoughtForma was founded by two brothers Gareth and Jason Edge, motivated by the frustration of how hard it is to build applications easily – especially for non-technical people. “We believe that IT should be available to everyone and it horrifies us to think that most great ideas remain locked in people’s heads because many lack the time, know-how, or cash to progress their ideas”, says Jason Edge, ThoughtForma CTO. 

It was through Barry O’Reilly (Chief Incubation Officer at Nobody Studios and executive advisor to ThoughtForma) that the team first learned of the studio’s radical mission to create 100 compelling new companies within 5 years. It became clear from the start that this had the potential to be a match made in heaven. Close alignment on vision and values suggested this could be a mutually beneficial relationship – propelling both organizations towards our individual but intrinsically linked goals of enabling people to bring their purposeful and impactful ideas to life.

We agreed to set about trying out ThoughtForma’s platform within the studio to further explore the fit between the parties. As work began, it quickly confirmed that this was indeed a very special relationship, which has already resulted in the build and launch of – the virtual event talent marketplace. 

ThoughtForma is quickly becoming an essential building block within the studio. It is geared up to propel many of the planned newcos towards their MVP launches in unprecedented timescales. The platform will take care of all of their technical needs – automatically scaling instantly and as necessary to cope with the speed of change within startups. 

Having companies in the portfolio that other companies are built upon creates a fast, friendly, and virtuous feedback loop in the companies that are created by the studio. It accelerates growth, learning, and feedback for all newcos across the Nobody portfolio.

This journey has been fruitful on many fronts: allowing ThoughtForma to evolve and expand its capabilities, cementing a deep connection between the ThoughtForma and Nobody Studios teams, and leading to an agreement that ThoughtForma will become part of the Nobody family. 

“We are thrilled to announce that ThoughtForma will become a portfolio company within the studio, but furthermore the platform will be an integral part of the studio to rapidly build out newcos’ technical requirements in the form of digital applications”, continues Gareth.

“We are hugely excited to be a part of this journey and to see where it takes us, as we have bold visions for how our technology can help ever more people bring their ideas to life.”

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  1. Steve Cox 2 years ago

    Wow! Gareth is a real inspiration! Making complex technology more accessible to all is so critical in the development of our futures. Such a forward thinking and inclusive mindset!

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