Adjacent Possible: Empowering Investors with Intellectual Property Insights

Adjacent Possible: Empowering Investors with Intellectual Property Insights
October 31, 2023 Haze Farin

In the ever-evolving landscape of tech investments, decision-making has always been a blend of intuition and data. While an investor’s intuition and “gut feeling” are invaluable, introducing robust, data-driven insights can further enhance investment decisions. Here’s where Intellectual Property (IP) shines as a strategic tool that can make investors even smarter.


Patents: The Untapped Goldmine for Investors

At its core, a patent describes solutions to technical problems. By dissecting, analyzing, and understanding these documents in-depth, we can unveil the hidden tales of innovation, use cases, and more, that resonate with technical narratives presented by startups. For early-stage tech investors, this means an added (and previously almost invisible) layer of intelligence: verifying the uniqueness of a startup’s offering, understanding its position in the larger technological landscape, and, ultimately, gauging its potential for success.


Investment De-risking through Data Starting from IP

Every investment comes with risks, and investors’ job is also to identify those risks, and constantly seek ways to remove, minimize, or mitigate them. By tapping into the world of IP as early as possible, next-gen investors can gain an incredible edge, ensuring their bets are placed on startups that not only have a vision, a solid team, and an attractive business model, but also a clear technical runway ahead of them. It’s like having a magnifying glass that brings potential hurdles into sharp focus, enabling proactive strategies around any potential red flags rather than “creative last-minute” reactive measures.


Smarter Investing with Adjacent Possible

Our mission at Adjacent Possible is to complement investors’ intuition with actionable IP insights. Think of it as a partnership where seasoned judgment meets empirical evidence. It’s about adding an extra dimension to decision-making, ensuring investments are both “instinctual” and informed.


To Our Visionary Next-Gen Investors:

Every emerging or future technology reveals intriguing potential futures, painted vividly through the imaginative lenses of audacious innovators. That’s why the realm of tech investment is pulsating with promise. And that’s why being an investor also means embracing the thrill, navigating the challenges, and shouldering the responsibility of fueling the visionary innovators. Their dreams can dictate the contours of our future. With Adjacent Possible, investors can harness the transformative power of IP to make smarter, more informed decisions. Let’s embark on this journey together, ensuring every step is taken with even more confidence and clarity.




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