Harnessing the Power of Intellectual Property in Tackling Global Challenges

Harnessing the Power of Intellectual Property in Tackling Global Challenges
April 26, 2024 Nick Sgobba

In an era characterized by rapid population growth and a pressing need for sustainable solutions, the role of intellectual property (IP) has never been more critical. As we stand on the brink of reaching a global population of nearly ten billion and face the monumental task of transitioning from fossil fuels to sustainable energy solutions, the essence of innovation must be redefined and democratized.


Evalify, one of the fastest-growing Nobody Studios portfolio companies, emerges as a crucial facilitator in this transformative landscape. By leveraging patents not merely as legal instruments but as benchmarks for assessing the potential and originality of early-stage ideas, Evalify is reshaping how venture capital (VC) investors, startups, and innovators view and utilize IP.


Innovation in the contemporary world is not confined to the silos of well-resourced laboratories or corporate R&D departments. Instead, it is increasingly found “at the edge of communities,” in the garages of amateur inventors, the small startups in emerging markets, and the research projects within academic institutions. The challenge, however, lies in recognizing and nurturing these dispersed and often hidden innovations.


Evalify’s approach to using a global patent database transcends the traditional barriers that have historically confined IP knowledge to a privileged few. By providing a clear and accessible view of the patent landscape, Evalify ensures that all innovators, regardless of their geographical location or economic background, have the opportunity to contribute to global solutions effectively. This universal access to patent insights allows founders to strategize based on the merit of their ideas rather than their access to resources or networks.


Moreover, Evalify’s impact extends beyond individual innovators. It serves as a critical tool for VC investors, angel investors, venture studios, corporate innovation teams, legal departments, startup incubators, accelerators, universities, and technology transfer offices. This wide-reaching influence underscores the platform’s role in fostering a culture of informed and strategic innovation.


On World Intellectual Property Day, as we reflect on the broader implications of IP in our collective quest for sustainable development, platforms like Evalify stand out for their revolutionary approach. By democratizing access to patent insights, Evalify is not just facilitating the growth of startups; it is empowering a new generation of innovators to take center stage in solving the most pressing challenges of our time.


At Nobody Studios, we want to instill into each of our portfolio companies what Evalify embodies: Evalify stands as a beacon of change in the innovation ecosystem. It represents a paradigm shift towards an inclusive and strategic use of IP, promising a future where every good idea, regardless of its origin, has the chance to make a difference.


We always said we would ultimately be judged by the caliber and soul of the people, of the Nobodies, we can attract to our journey. We couldn’t be more proud of where we are, of the movement we keep nurturing and building every single day. Yet, it’s just the beginning… 🚀




Nick Sgobba

Co-Founder & Chief Product Officer, Evalify

Nick’s former IBM Senior Inventor background includes thousands of hours developing innovative digital products and unique technical solutions across Europe, the Middle East, and North America. He’s a 2x startup founder around AI and patents. He’s also been a visiting lecturer in master’s programs in AI and a consultant to the EU Commission in innovation and emerging technologies.




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