The Irish Echo: Using Crowdfunding Principles to Transform Start-Up Culture

The Irish Echo: Using Crowdfunding Principles to Transform Start-Up Culture
June 27, 2024 Nobody Studios

We’re excited to announce our feature in The Irish Echo! Take a look at a preview of the article below:


At Nobody Studios, we’re redefining how start-ups are built, scaled, and funded. As a venture studio, our mission is ambitious: to create 100 companies over the next five years.

Our unique approach combines entrepreneurial expertise, time-and-capital efficiency, and crowd-infused high-velocity company creation to revolutionize the startup landscape.

We are bringing a fresh set of founders and funders to create global impact in a way never seen before, and it’s working.


Faster, Frugal Builds

Currently, we have 12 companies actively in production, with four poised to exit the Studio and attract external investment. These ventures span a range of industries, from health and wellness to edtech, travel and hospitality to legal tech. We’re equal opportunity innovators who care about speed, opportunity for impact and achieving real customer traction before significant capital is investment.

In the little over three years since the Studio launched, we’ve been listed in the top 10 venture studios globally twice.

Our model at Nobody Studios is built on the principle of creative destruction, which emphasizes technology-enabled market creation, data-driven investment strategies and harnessing the power of the crowd.


Read the full article here.


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