Making of a Nobody – Part 1

Making of a Nobody – Part 1
October 10, 2020 Mark S. McNally

Do I think I’m a nobody? not at all…but we tend to think we need to hit a certain accomplishment or life has to look a certain way until you’ve made it…whatever that is.

I’m in a great place today and never more excited about the future but I’ve had plenty of adversity and a dark pit stop or two along the way. Today, it’s the fuel of the future that I am building…my why.

I am going to share parts of my journey as I hope it helps others realize that what is fascinating and powerful about them is how they navigate the journey… not the destination.

Step 1: Be honest with yourself to find your lessons

Step 2: Being true to yourself <nonnegotiable

Step 3: Be genuine with others

Step 4: Build a plan that is aligned with Steps 1-3

Step 5: Go all in

* If not successful repeat step 1

We’ll start Part 2 of Memoirs of a Nobody with the: TIMELINE

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