Making of Nobody Studios Part 28 | Man/Woman Up to Investment

Making of Nobody Studios Part 28 | Man/Woman Up to Investment
January 4, 2021 Mark S. McNally

2020 has been an overwhelming year. and the truth is most of us couldn’t do anything to affect the situation when it required GOVT level intervention.

But there is one way. If you are able to and would typically be making angel investments right now. THEN CONTINUE TO DO SO.

Our Venture studio is raising right now, and many CEO/Founders that I advise or are in my circle are raising right now. Many of these promising young companies were born in March/April in the early days of the pandemic. I DO believe the silver lining in all of this will be some of the innovation that will emerge. But they still need bold early investors.

If you are typically an angel investor, now’s the time where your courage and action can make a major impact not just on a company but on our country.

  • Do not dabble
  • Do not send mixed messages
  • Don’t delay 2-4-6 weeks, it only hurts your investment.
  • If you want better terms say it out loud

Universally the CEOs I’m talking to HAD to raise $ in Q4. If you’re so inclined, please do not wait to “touch base again in Jan” New jobs and our country’s prosperity depends on it.


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