Making of a Nobody – Part 2 | The Timeline

Making of a Nobody – Part 2 | The Timeline
October 13, 2020 Mark S. McNally

WHAT THE $%#$ JUST HAPPENED? Ever feel that way about your life? Truth is…it goes by fast. We live in the moment, but rarely take stock of the whole journey in context. We’re going to explore the value of telling your story using a simple method (with some twists) …The Timeline.

When we replay events in our minds, we do so like a movie. So, a timeline helps capture it as we lived it.

Imagine you sat down over a coffee to tell somebody your story and you began to draw this on a napkin… like a stock chart…you’d start drawing growth, peaks, and valleys… like a stock chart the narrative would play out in your mind about the events that surrounded the peaks and valleys.

Key anecdotes about your story would pop up, key chapters that played a role into how you felt in mind, body, and spirit at that moment in time. Key trauma, themes and lessons would be easy to identify as you look at the timeline.

Just draw the line first…. ________

Peaks, Valleys, Events…

Details will fill in after you do your first attempt…we’ll do details and zoom in timelines next.

Pencil, Paper, Timeline. GO! Let’s see them.

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