Making of a Nobody – Part 3 | The Tire Change Epiphany

Making of a Nobody – Part 3 | The Tire Change Epiphany
October 14, 2020 Mark S. McNally

About 3 years ago I became aware that I was running down.

Years of high stakes high reward startup life had taken its toll…. my batteries were low. I was conscious that I had kept high expectations of myself in the “keeping up with the Joneses” category… growing family, responsibilities… I had left little to no wiggle room in my bandwidth and was almost mindlessly accepting new commitments and obligations… yet not feeling fulfilled or inspired. My filters had become nonexistent. I had always taken pride that I put others before me… the bill was coming due.

It’s obvious now…that this left little room for the unpredictable. and when it came in progressive life moments, I would pay the price.

The day I drove by that elderly lady on the side of the road staring at her flat tire and kept driving that’s when I knew I had lost my internal compass wasn’t myself. That and many other moments prodded me along as I rebuilt my best version of myself.

Today I’m grateful, energized, grounded, genuine, inspired, and full of vision for the future. Today and everyday forward I will try to honor the tire change moments and many others while I was on “time out” from myself…by showing up in full HD.


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