Making of a Nobody – Part 4 | There’s No Smoking Gun

Making of a Nobody – Part 4 | There’s No Smoking Gun
October 20, 2020 Mark S. McNally

After my “Tire Change Epiphany” (part 3), I went on a search to identify that lone moment in time where I went left instead of right. I wanted to pinpoint and blame a choice or event in order to answer HOW, with all of my blessings did I feel low energy? Where had my positivity gone? My HD vision…. poof, gone… Why did I feel sad at times…. darkness.. what’s that?… oh… THAT… got it.

If I think my details will help somebody find their best self, I will be sharing. But what I found in that fruitless search, was that:

There is no single smoking gun.

Wherever you are right now and how you feel about your present and your future… it’s the collective result of your elapsed journey to date.

Re-explore that journey to identify on a timeline:

The Peaks

The Valleys

Key Anecdotes



The timeline is a great tool… Interpretation is next. #startups #gratitude #mentalhealth #innovation #health #leadership #success


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