The Making of a Nobody – Part 5 Sound On

The Making of a Nobody – Part 5 Sound On
October 25, 2020 Mark S. McNally

“THAT TIME WHEN Orlando Bloom guided my meditation”

Visiting friends in LA, last night we went for a family hike.

We got to a mountaintop above Beverly Hills, overlooking a small lake and with a perfect view of the setting sun.

I began to go into my thoughts, reflecting. I specifically wanted to give myself time to appreciate the positive momentum we’ve been feeling lately.

So, as I went into my thoughts, I could hear a faint drum beat in the distance, rhythmic… coming closer. I went deeper into my thoughts. Focused on the rebirth of purpose and vision that I have experienced, appreciating all of the things coming into bloom.

When the distant drummer emerged from a trail to join me on the hilltop, it was Orlando Bloom. He had his (and Kate Perry’s) 1 month old baby girl baby Bjorned to his chest. We exchanged some nice small talk. Then we let his drum beat take over.

For the next 10 minutes I continued the reflection with my guest drummer feet away staring at the same sunset. Thankful that he could contribute to my journey, so many amazing people have. Grateful for how purposeful that journey has become.

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