The Making of a Nobody – Part 6 | You Must Be This Tall

The Making of a Nobody – Part 6 | You Must Be This Tall
October 28, 2020 Mark S. McNally

Do you feel you measure up?

I have recently talked about the power of understanding your journey, identifying the peaks and valleys, and extracting the lessons. It’s all part of the process that I went through to rebuild myself from a lower spot than I ever imagined being.

What did I learn? I charted another version of my timeline strictly reflecting my self-esteem and confidence over time. I found it fluctuated wildly with peaks and valleys. THIS SHOCKED ME many times. I was feeling out of my depth, perhaps even a little impostor syndrome. That’s when I realized That I HATE THAT FEELING as much as I did at the fairground.

I will never feel again that I’m not good enough, or not accomplished enough to get that job, partner, key executive or those investors. There is no measuring stick outside of the ride if your value and self-worth come from within.

Love and accept yourself and all your uniqueness and see all your imperfections as parts of the recipe that gives you your superpower. YOUR SELF LOVE.

It should be one of our deepest roots, our foundation. <<<–Start here and all else falls in line.

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