The Making of a Nobody – Part 8 | IPO LESSONS on BIZ and LIFE

The Making of a Nobody – Part 8 | IPO LESSONS on BIZ and LIFE
November 3, 2020 Mark S. McNally

FLASHBACK 1999. After 4 long years of hard work, amazing colleagues, and a little luck of timing, the company I had joined early, was ringing the bell on the NASDAQ. Within ~a year we’d reach a $4. xx billion market cap. I was retired (on paper). Heady days indeed.

What I learned in that ride:

Biz – good

Electric culture/team is almost unstoppable

Revenue/marquis customer can make an early company

Being the outsider isn’t bad

Never underestimate the power of founder charisma

Timing and momentum are monstrous

Never quit

Biz – not good

Do not compromise

Kool and the gang at the IPO party, not = success

IPO is not the finish line

TRUTH, or TRUTH THE HARD WAY you decide.

Fancy resumes don’t always translate to startups

The markets are manipulated

NEVER lose sight of your customer

leadership is key

It really quite sucks to lose XX millions $$$


Money will reveal true colors of people

Financial resources don’t define you

Always plan for worst

What got you there is often not what keeps you there.

Who knew that most private jets don’t go coast to coast? There is a tiny airport in Kansas full of jets getting gas/food. Saw Michael Jordan there. 😉

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