The Making of a Nobody – Part 9 | SUCKY LEADERSHIP SUCKS

The Making of a Nobody – Part 9 | SUCKY LEADERSHIP SUCKS
November 6, 2020 Mark S. McNally

We’re not talking BARK THE ORDERS type of leaders.

Captain Blunt: There are good leaders and bad leaders (you don’t know who you are).

I have prided myself on being a decent leader, but man oh man have I learned along the way.

100% of my business experiences for the good and the bad have DISTINCT lessons around success and failures of leadership, at times, my own.

Dear SUCKY leaders in my past: I blame you for countless lost upside, wasted money, years of my life, corrosive effect on my self-esteem and confidence, putting me in situations I never wanted to be in.

Of course, in my accountable zone of self-optimization, I own most of the above words as well. Truth is, we give the power to sucky anything in our life.

But failures of leadership are almost never terminal. Great leadership is humble enough to be wrong, learn, and pivot.

I would do several key choices in my “leadership” career differently with the perspective that I have today. Good news, I can strive to get it right this next time around.

If you were to write a leadership creed what would it contain?

Leadership trait # 5 > Be all in: Teams feel this one… Be consistent, committed, resolute. Work your tail off and have the backs of your team like family. Bring your passion, excitement, fears. Make it real but most of all, leave it all on the field.  #leadership #startupcommunity #success 

Leadership trait # 4 > Decisiveness : Don’t cower from the decisions. That’s when leaders earn their stripes. Consult the data, your team’s recommendations, your instincts, weigh it all. But when the time comes to make a decision, make it boldly.

Leadership trait # 3 > Vision: I know this is a hard one, but the economy of tomorrow won’t need managers. It’ll need conductors, and conductors need vision to identify vision and lead talent. Talent will only get out of bed if it believes in the direction and strategy of the ship, they’re on

Leadership trait # 2 > Genuineness: Open, true, humble. Speak your truth if you want others to follow and if you want them to do the same.  Also believe this is key to having the hard lessons and being direct when needed. 

Leadership trait # 1 > Respect: If you’re not somebody who naturally sees the good in people, their unique brilliance, experiences, instincts, then I’m not here to help you. But I can say you’ll never be the type of leader who gets the best out of your team. #leadership #startups #venturecapital


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