The Making of a Nobody – Part 16 | Relationships are Gold

The Making of a Nobody – Part 16 | Relationships are Gold
November 23, 2020 Mark S. McNally

Always treasure the omens

aka: That time when $#%^$ happened In China

15 Years ago, in Guangzhou China. Long days at the trade fair, nights in the hotel lounge, making calls back to the states.

For three days I noticed his conversations. He was speaking Urdu, so I was playing a game in my mind trying to guess what he was talking about.

Repeat nightly.

Last night I decided to hit the town, armed with notes and a map from the concierge. I heard him take a call in brilliant American English. He was from Baltimore! We hung for a bit then I invited him on my adventure.

He asked: “Do you speak Mandarin?”, “Do you know where you’re going?”, “Have you been here before?” Uh, nope, nope, nope I had to reply.

“Let me get my things” he said.

The night would traverse places we probably shouldn’t have been, were lucky to get out of, had some karate moves and a broken chair thrown in there. At the end I knew exactly who my new friend was when the chips were down. He’s one of my best to this day.

Do not take for granted the angels the universe sends you along the way.

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