The Making of a Nobody- Part 17 | The DeLorean Dilemma

The Making of a Nobody- Part 17 | The DeLorean Dilemma
November 26, 2020 Mark S. McNally

I have learned in my journey that a passionate faith in what I was doing/building was a key factor in my greatest accomplishments and not present during failures.

This has been validated repeatedly as I’ve mentored and worked w other founders.

Anytime doubts, or hedges were present, greatness was not achieved.

It’s a very different thing to agree that something should exist than to go all in.

I’m talking about “feel it to your core”, “willing to bet it all” will do “whatever it takes” to make it happen kind of passion.

This faith will be at times irrational, not something you can empirically justify. That’s the thing about doing something that hasn’t been done before. You HAVE to be comfortable being the one who is building the data points to make it safe for everybody else to follow.

I’m speaking to the bold innovators here…for the life “Trekkies” who intend to “”go where no one has gone before”

Get comfortable w the DeLorean Dilemma:

“Many times, a terminal wall appears to block reaching your vision. You’re going to have to go faster to get to the future”

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