Webdelics: Building Psychedelic Education and Community to Change the Trajectory of Mental Health

Webdelics: Building Psychedelic Education and Community to Change the Trajectory of Mental Health
October 12, 2023 Haze Farin

I spent the first twenty years of my career as a trial lawyer, sometimes defending people for possession of “drugs”. Decades later I found myself questioning the difference between a drug and a medicine. I came to the conclusion that the only difference was how various laws or agencies described certain substances…regardless of their ability to heal or the effect they had on the human body.


Almost ten years ago I began a Spiritual journey after realizing that I wasn’t truly fulfilled, despite accomplishing more success than I ever envisioned as a child. I stepped away from the active practice of trial work and began learning all of the things I never appreciated, much less learned or understood. This included meditation, fasting, mindfulness and other forms of natural and holistic health.


Along that journey I was trying to help a loved one who was struggling with addiction. No form of “traditional” treatment seemed to help him. Treatment centers, talk therapy, prescription medication were no match for his demons. One of my Spiritual Mentors told me I needed to learn about Psychedelics. I jokingly told her we didn’t need any more drugs and that they were the problem. She looked me in the eyes and explained that Psychedelics were not drugs, they were medicines used by indigenous and other people around the world for thousands of years. That stopped me in my tracks. Prior to that I thought mushrooms or LSD were only for Grateful Dead concerts, whereas Ketamine and MDMA were for NYC nightclubs.


The night of that conversation, almost eight years ago, I began researching Psychedelics and have never stopped. I have traveled the world working with Scientists, Neuroscientists, Shaman and Indigenous people at the highest level witnessing profound and miraculous healing from addiction, PTSD, depression, anxiety and more. At this point I am absolutely convinced there is nothing more powerful or effective in curing, not just treating, mental illness.


After years of quietly, privately helping others (Athletes, Celebs or the Veteran/Police officer next door) understand the benefits of Psychedelics I was extremely excited to learn that Nobody Studios would be focusing on Psychedelics as part of their health and wellness portfolio. Enter Webdelics. I immediately signed on as Chief Strategy Officer and we have built a team and company that is literally changing the trajectory of mental health.


Webdelics is an information and education company that provides competent, credible information from around the world on various Psychedelics for individuals at all levels. Whether someone knows nothing, or a lot, about the benefits of plant medicine Webdelics provides a variety of content on its webpage, podcasts and other forms of digital media. We are building what we believe will be the future resource of millions and creating a community along the way.


We hope you find what we are doing informative and will be part of that community. Join us in the next chapter of healing together at Webdelics.



Mike Mumola

Health And Wellness Consultant, Nobody Studios

As an attorney, investor, serial entrepreneur, and the co-host of Bloomberg TV, Mike enjoys contributing his extensive knowledge and experience to help each of our Nobodies achieve their highest potential.




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