Revolutionizing Tech Investments: Our Journey with Evalify at Web Summit and Beyond

Revolutionizing Tech Investments: Our Journey with Evalify at Web Summit and Beyond
November 28, 2023 Haze Farin

We are just back from an exciting week spent in the generous and multicultural Lisbon at the renowned Web Summit technology conference, a melting pot of technology, culture, and innovation. We have planted many seeds and sparked dozens of conversations while also actively engaging with potential clients and investors, which left us with even more conviction about our new product, Evalify.


The event brought together over 70,000 attendees from all corners of the tech industry – investors, startups, corporations, policymakers, and more. It was an invaluable opportunity for us to connect with prospective clients and potential partners and to share and nurture our vision. Our meetings at the Web Summit have shown nothing but promising interest in Evalify from VC/angel investors, accelerators, small funds, and consulting firms. The response to Evalify was overwhelmingly positive. Many have described Evalify as “elegant,” “fast,” “smart,” and “impressive.” Others just wish they had thought about it instead of us!  Some have doubted and required more explanation – and we succeeded in showing them our course; some others just wanted to test it with the pitch deck they had handy in their email inbox for evaluation, and a couple of them even offered to pilot Evalify on their production deal flow immediately! Others wished they already had it years ago.


For those of you who don’t know yet about what Evalify does and how it works, picture this: Evalify is a tool that can score and rank startup pitch decks in minutes using intellectual property data and insights to determine if a business has a “clear path to operate” or not against the competitive (patent) landscape. Nothing more than a pitch deck, no attorneys involved, no patents or other intellectual property assets required, no waiting time: Evalify it’s fast, convenient, accurate, and powered by premium data and machine learning algorithms.


Moreover, several investors expressed enthusiasm for the long-term potential of Evalify, and we have been ecstatic because they could already see what we also see. This far exceeded our expectations! Investors recognized Evalify as an intuitive platform that makes non-obvious premium insights from the intricate realm of patents in a far more accessible format compared to any traditional, manual, or alternative method. They made us really proud and even more eager to put it in the hands of our clients.


When we imagined Evalify for the first time, we were in the middle of the polarized storm between the “data-driven” party and the “FOMO-driven” faction. We could not judge or decide where to stand but could sense the pros and cons. Here we go: no matter what, we have decided that what data can bring with cold but safe facts and evidence was invaluable, just as the quality instinctive intuitions only years of experience could craft in the best investors. The choice was obvious: we had to stand in between, taking and merging the best of the two worlds. The best revolutions start with small steps. Indeed, Evalify aims to amplify the unmatched intuition in human investors with the most relevant insights at the right time to de-risk their decisions in assessing startup pitch decks through the lenses of uniquely derived patent information.


With Evalify, we want to be pioneers of a shift in early-stage tech investments by decoding the complexities of startup pitch decks. In a knowledge-driven economy, where intangible assets reign supreme, Evalify dissects pitch decks, understands and selects the key technical features, searches them against the existing patent landscape, and clearly illuminates risks and opportunities for the proposed ideas. Evalify is the “translator” in a world of high-entropy information, turning complexity into actionable insights. In other words, to us, Evalify represents a new era in tech investments: it bridges the gap between data-driven analysis and the intuitive judgment of seasoned investors. By integrating patent insights into startup evaluations, we are enhancing decision-making in a field where intuition and data are equally valuable.


Beyond the fantastic response and product interest, the Web Summit also offered many promising connections with amazing Nobodies from around the world. Indeed, a highlight of our time in Lisbon was being able to connect in person with members and crowdfunders of our extended community supporting Nobody Studios. We enjoyed meeting up with Sydney Wong, an entrepreneur and seed investor who is part of the Nobody Studios network. It was wonderful to catch up with Emily Tate, a Nobody Studios investor and industry leader (she’s Managing Director for “Mind the Product,” the largest product management community in the world!), and chat about topics beyond just business. Some of our most memorable moments also account for genuine and refreshing conversations with Igor Shaversky from Waveup, and Leo Riviera, angel investor and techpreneur, with whom we engaged in serious techie conversations that we know have just been the seed of a more fruitful long-term collaboration. Further, we had an amazing conversation with the European Patent Office (EPO) representatives about the power of patents, concluding that patents are really superpowers and that we don’t leverage the information and knowledge contained in them enough as we should – and we couldn’t agree more! But more than anything, Web Summit reminded us of the power of face-to-face human bonds. The chance to interact personally rejuvenated and inspired us as we continue building.


We’re eager to keep enhancing our offering and getting it into the hands of our clients so that together, we can change how we find and look at world-changing ideas that need to be nurtured now. Web Summit gave us a significant spark of validation that renewed our passion for developing solutions like Evalify at Adjacent Possible (AP) and even more with Nobody Studios.


Now, all this is where we have been. Where are we going next? In just a few days, we’ll be heading to Helsinki, Finland. We will be at Slush 2023, going back to Helsinki, the city that sparked our initial journey and that we hope, symbolically, will renew a bright “new beginning” as we approach the product launch. As one of Europe’s premiere tech events, bringing together over 20,000 attendees, Slush will offer even more chances to keep demonstrating the value of Evalify, forge new partnerships, and interact with changemakers from around the world.


As we prepare for Slush 2023 in Helsinki, we’re excited to continue showcasing Evalify’s potential and building meaningful partnerships. If you’re attending, we’d love to connect over coffee and explore how Evalify can drive innovation in your endeavors.



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