Latin America Report: Going Beyond Unicorn Hype

Latin America Report: Going Beyond Unicorn Hype
June 20, 2024 Nobody Studios

We’ve been featured on Latin America Reports! Here’s a sneak peek at the article below:


This vision for Nobody Studios was brought to life by founder and CEO Mark McNally, who is a serial entrepreneur himself. McNally has run the gauntlet with 14 companies, giving him extensive experience with the highs and lows of venture-building. Yet despite holding his leadership position, McNally hopes that Nobody Studios isn’t defined by any one investor or founder, hence the name.

While McNally hails from the US, the wider executive team also has in part an international presence. For instance, Chief Technology Officer Eyal Shavit is based in Israel and has 20 years of experience building AI products and growing distributed international teams.


Read the full article here.


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