We started Nobody Studios, a venture studio, specifically because of our world view that the speed of innovation is about to kick into high gear, turbo, warp speed gear.

Paradigm-shifting innovations are about to get stacked on top of each other… on the scale of the internet, but in a fraction of the time to adapt, and with multiple paradigm shifts building on top of each other.

Every corner of our lives and society has been transformed by the internet. Giants have fallen, and giants have been born. But consider this… The internet didn’t force us to adapt; it was a generational adaptation—25 years from start to today. Many execs retired before they had to “get it.”

The blazing innovation that is coming will destroy many existing leading companies (too brittle)… and give birth to overnight kings of industry. You’re either riding the train or under it.

We chose to create, rapidly and in volume. Nobody Studios

surfing the wave of innovation