The Making of a Nobody – Part 15 | PEAKS, VALLEYS and MONSTERS, Oh MY!

The Making of a Nobody – Part 15 | PEAKS, VALLEYS and MONSTERS, Oh MY!
November 21, 2020 Mark S. McNally

I previously wrote about the power of building your timeline. What shakes out when you do it is:

PEAKS (some of mine):

Military pride/promotions/deployments/airborne/

1st startup = IPO as key exec Woo Hoo!!

1st home

2nd startup, high growth as CEO

EO leader

Worldwide travel/friendships

Married Love of my life

Pilot’s license

Two amazing boys!

Startups # 3-9 > 100’s millions raised, 1000’s of employees,

2nd home

Successful Exits

3rd home

Spiritual, emotional and physical rebirth


Loved one’s mental breakdown

Market crash dot com 1.0- OUCH

Multi-million $ margin call on birthday

FBI investigation

Owing the IRS $2.7MM

Not serving during 9/11

Financial crisis 2008, company fail

Money hell

Close loved one devastating diagnosis

Friendship betrayal

Co-founder torpedoes company

Friends on suicide watch

Facial paralysis, bone growth in brain

The pit of darkness, lost vision

Money hell – II

Yeah, that about covers it.

Each of these things have lessons, not always obvious. Having processed each and putting it back on the shelf in the right order w the right meaning. It all makes sense now. It all made me who I am right now and I’m liking this guy. #startups #gratitude #success #health

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  1. Uma 3 years ago

    Thank you for sharing such an inspiring life, Mark.

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