The Birth of a Nobody Part 30 | What We Do

The Birth of a Nobody Part 30 | What We Do
January 24, 2021 Mark S. McNally
what we do

Ideate Radically

In our idea lab, we experiment with ideas, test our ideas inside and outside the studio, and choose only the most impactful ideas. While some companies spend 20% of their time on ideation, we devote our lives to imagining a new world where boundaries are fluid, and the future is burgeoning with hope. The best companies are yet to be created.

Execute Intensely

Once an idea is birthed, we never give up. We push through to the end, finding paths of least resistance and pressing on to overcome all barriers to superiority. Our persistency produces highly profitable, thriving businesses at rates never before achieved.


We repeat the cycle of radical ideation and relentless execution over and over again. We are building an ecosystem of companies where each new company builds on the last, and where every synergy among companies is milked to produce exponential potential. Barriers to speed and excellence in company creation were made to be broken.


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