The Making of a Nobody Part 43 | Momentum

The Making of a Nobody Part 43 | Momentum
June 26, 2021 Mark S. McNally

The journey of an entrepreneur is an empty, lonely, resoundingly silent existence, except for the 1000s of voices your psyche screams inside your head about your reasons and your why that keeps you going.

You start on a journey seeing something that is not yet, and yet it seems as real as the ground you stand on.. so you set out to build.



Against all odds.

You ignore the many warnings to quit.

You suffer countless rejections.

Disappointment can be a reliable companion if you’re seeking universal validation of your big bet.

I often view it as pushing a giant, massive boulder up a hill, one step, one heave at a time. Without that effort, mental fortitude and it goes back to where it was. Until…

Until…It’s NOT lonely. You reach the first peak and the boulder begins rolling with its own energy, pulled, compelled by an invisible force. It becomes bigger than your push, it rolls when you rest.

This week I completed 42 compelling zoom calls M-F. All with brilliant, good folks threatening to contribute talent, influence, and capital to our journey. This week the boulder got a little lighter. I’m committed to experiencing every present moment.


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