The Making of a Nobody Part 49 | Relationships Matter

The Making of a Nobody Part 49 | Relationships Matter
August 20, 2021 Mark S. McNally
relationships matter

Look, if you’re an asshole….or think that I am… stop reading this post, I cant help you. we’ll go nowhere.

If you’re a good person and think that I may be… then I promise you… “talking” is better than lawyering up. If you have not even attempted to speak, then how do you know we can’t agree?

I have only had one instance in my career where a relationship “lawyered up” and It was only between a $30k difference… I was so bothered by it because this individual is somebody I loved… who we rode motorcycles together have traveled the world together.. and when we tried to meet and resolve it.. it was like he was controlled by the attorney in his ear… broke my heart. The only person who won was the attorney in their fees.. it played out how I expected. Neither of us won… and the relationship was destroyed.

I wish my nature didn’t make me exposed to this…I guess ill have to figure out how to evolve this for the sake of Nobody Studios… Have you figured out how to navigate this stuff? I haven’t yet! #sadness


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